Please review the Guidelines below before submitting your Community Offering. If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected]


Thank you for your interest in the invitation to join us for Global Days of Unity, on the third weekend of every month.

Global Days of Unity (GDU) is an invitation for humanity to come together and infuse the collective field with vibrations of Unity, Peace, and Love. While we encourage all to participate in the spirit of Unity over the GDU weekend, we invite those who wish to join as a Community Activation Event to understand the following parameters and agreements.

Me to We – Global Days of Unity’s (GDU’s) core expression is one of unity, peace, and love. While we appreciate everyone’s unique gifts, GDU is not designed as a space for self-promotion, but as a space where we embody moving from “Me to We”, where many voices are united as one. 

Inclusivity – Global Days of Unity is a unifying field for all forces, voices, and expressions to co-create a whole that transcends the sum of its parts. Is your event accessible to everyone? We encourage all community activations to ensure inclusivity is one of its core principles.

Quality – We strive to present initiatives and offerings of the highest quality. Have you given thought about the parameters of your event? Eg: the duration of your event to maintain audience engagement? The quality of the production? How will you amplify your message to your community? Does your event resonate inclusivity and feelings of upliftment?, etc. We are always available to offer support and guidance whenever you need it, so please feel free to reach out. 

Promotion – Please incorporate the GDU vision and mission into your event narrative – ie: mention the GDU during your event, add the GDU logo as part of your marketing materials, share GDU on your social channels, etc. In turn, we will feature your event on our website as part of our dedicated “community activations” page. 

Communication Post-event – We would love to know how your event went? Please send us any photos, videos, comments or a review of what took place.

Welcome to this great experiment.



Be part of lifting global consciousness and spreading the seeds of unity.