Video set up suggestions and best practices:
Thank you for taking the time to create a beautiful expression of love for our global family. Please review the details on this page for guidance on creating your offering.


At the start of your video, please take a few minutes to

  1. Introduce yourself and welcome the audience to Global Days of Unity. Express from your heart why Global Days of Unity is resonating with you right now.
  2. Whether you’re offering meditation, music, an inspirational message or another activity, please take a minute to invite participants to first connect within before you begin. You might guide them in a few breaths, a moment of gratitude, or a prayer. Do whatever you feel is supportive to arrive together, be present with the purpose of Global Days of Unity and be fully available for their offering. You might like to give the audience a moment of quietness to get centered and present.
  3. Please share with the audience that we are participating as a collective in resonating Unity, Peace and Love, and they can offer their heartfelt vibrations to merge with everyone in service of infusing the world with love and light.
  4. Share a brief introduction of your offering, and how it is connected to Global Days of Unity.
    • For example, if you are going to share a musical experience, you might say: “I’m happy and grateful to invite you to participate with me in amplifying the vibrations of Love and Peace as we sing. Keep your awareness in your heart and feel how deeply you can feel and resonate these beautiful vibrations into the world.”
    • If you are offering an inspirational message, you might say: “Please listen to this message with your heart as well as with your mind, and allow the feelings of peace and love to resonate deeply and freely. Keep your heart open to actively send your loving vibrations in service of the most benevolent outcome for all.” 

Setting up the camera:

  • Use a tripod or stable surface to secure your phone
  • Orient your phone horizontally so the video records in wide screen rather than vertically
  • Avoid having light behind you (i.e. a window) or lights above you that create a shadow. Placing a lamp behind the camera is an easy fix to achieve studio-ish lighting, but make sure it is not too close to the camera lens 
  • Minimum resolution 1080HD (any recent smartphone will work) 
  • Please make sure the audio is good quality with no background noise or interferences 
  • Use the camera app on your phone and record using the back camera rather than the forward facing camera (when possible) for higher quality
  • Wipe off the camera lens so it’s clean 
  • Place yourself in the center of the camera frame and if there is more than one person on camera, please balance the frame with both people in the middle
  • Look into the camera when speaking 
  • When you start recording, please take 5-10 seconds to ground yourself before you begin speaking. This will give us the ability to create a smooth transition into your offering and the ability to edit accordingly
  • When you are finished, please continue to look into the camera for 5-10 seconds after you are finished and don’t rush to end the recording. This will allow us to transition out of your offering to make a clean transition
  • If you are doing any editing, please avoid adding any graphics or effects on your video. Please do not crop, distort, or use any effects other than some light color correction 
  • If shooting on a professional camera please make sure to follow these settings: 
    • Frame rate: 23.98 / Format: NTSC / Minimum size:1920 x 1080
  • Ideally have a partner help you with the filming to ensure all these qualities



Be part of lifting global consciousness and spreading the seeds of unity.